📖 Free e-book manager convi ...

📖 Free e-book manager convi …

August 7, 2018

PDF files are one of the most used formats for sharing all kinds of documents, including of course books. However, when it comes to reading those PDFs on mobile devices or on e-book readers like the Amazon Kindle, the reality is that they don’t look that good, or they aren’t compatible with the apps that manage our eBook libraries.

(cc) Johan Larsson / Flickr

This can be solved by converting the PDF to eBook either to the popular ePub format that is compatible with almost all readers, also to MOBI, or to Amazon’s proprietary formats for the Kindle. Converting PDF files to ePub or any other e-book format is an easy task. What you need is to download and install Caliber, a free e-book manager is used to manage your entire digital library and also converts files.

Installation is very simple and once you start the program for the first time, you will only need to make a couple of additional clicks to convert your PDFs. Download Caliber for Windows, Linux or macOS from the official website caliber-ebook.com or look for the link at altadensidad.com.

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