👏 Here you will find a free collection of a ...

👏 Here you will find a free collection of a …

May 17, 2018

Vidlery is a website that offers a collection of cartoon animations for free use as it is under a public domain license, as animated backgrounds for websites. It currently has 28 animations available although from this website they promise that new ones will be added weekly.

For those interested in learning about the new animations that are being incorporated into the collection, Vidlery invites you to subscribe to their newsletter by email.Vidlery also points out the HTML, CSS and JavaScript code that website owners must insert into them. to make use of such animations on their websites.

But the incorporation of these codes is only the third step since initially you will have to select and download the animation to use, whose files come in a .ZIP file, then you must upload it to the server that hosts the website where you want to include and then perform the indicated third step with the aforementioned codes.

Source: This website offers a collection of animations to use as backgrounds on websites

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