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November 4, 2018

One of the sound museums that aims to preserve the sound of old and analog devices is Conserve the Sound. A project that started in 2013 and has grown and evolved to reach a considerable collection of sounds. Although the objects are banal, listening to the sounds of a bygone era is strangely addictive and a trigger for memories and curiosity – was the sound from my VR recorder that enigmatic?

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This collection, in permanent construction, in which anyone can participate by sending the tone they do not want to forget, also offers interviews with different experts on the importance of saving these sounds. Bernhar Wilmer, theater director and one of the interviewees, declares: “I think we should not demonize all things. I’m nostalgic for the more analog sounds in cinema, but I’m not opposed to digital projection. No way. But it is true that these sounds are part of our history and, if you want to tell that of the cinema, too ”. This makes us question the value of sound; because how would you teach a child born in the digital age, the sound of an old projector if no one has recorded it?

Sound museums for nostalgic people:

The most archaic noises in technology do not want to disappear and protect them is also the goal of Brendan Chilcutt, who is responsible for another of our sound museums, The Museum of Endangered Sound. This museum collects a collection of endangered sounds with the intention that they can be resurrected on new devices, in the form of message notifications, ringtones, etc. And who knows why else …

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