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March 8, 2018

Android P, the new version of the mobile operating system that is already available for Pixel devices in its first development version. At the moment it is only an announcement with its main news, which is accompanied by the publication of an experimental version that is not even available through the Android Beta Program.

The Google press release reports on the foci that Android developers have worked on with the new iteration of the system, apparently intended to improve basic aspects of the operating system such as the management of notifications, the limits of the processes in the background due to the performance of Doze, the encoding methods of certain files, the autocomplete system, and many other new features that we have learned in the last few hours, as the developers installed this experimental version and were shedding new functions.

The 17 details of an Android P version that arrives loaded with news:

  1. Ambient Display now shows the remaining battery indicator: As 9to5Google shows us, the screen’s always on mode, designed to take advantage of the benefits of AMOLED and called “Ambient Display” in native Android, will receive a facelift that reorders the notifications centered, and that adds the indicator of the percentage of the battery remaining at the bottom of the screen.
  2. The lock screen has been completely redesigned: Also courtesy of 9to5Google comes the screenshot of the new Android P lock screen, which is completely redesigned to adopt a new, more attractive and modern interface. The fonts have been modified and the Date is simplified, while notifications will now be displayed on rounded cards separated by colors or by subtle lines if they belong to the same application, in a much cleaner design without a doubt.
  3. New notification panel and quick settings … The 17 details of Android P that you should not miss
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