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April 18, 2018

A federal judge in California, United States, ruled that the social network must face a class action lawsuit for having used user information without their explicit consent (biometric data). It is the system that the platform uses to identify the people who appear in the photographs without their knowing it. These “tag suggestions” are able to recognize the friends in the social network of some contacts in photos that were published.

Image by Corepics VOF via Shutterstock

According to James Donato, the judge supporting the lawsuit, this technology is based on a four-step process:

  • First, the software tries to detect any face in a photo that has been posted.
  • Then standardize and align those faces based on their size and direction.
  • Facebook then creates a face signature, a mathematical representation of the face in that photo.
  • The facial signatures are then run through a stored database of face templates to find matches.

This facial technology tool gets better as you use it: the more photos it has of you, the more accurate it is. “If you were not tagged in any photo on Facebook or if you removed your tags in all your photos, we will not have this information.”

To deactivate it, you must click on the Settings menu … How Facebook’s Controversial Facial Recognition Technology Works

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