Putting aside their performance, The Medium has been one of the great surprises of the year, a title that has created a new way of playing, where in much of the game the screen will split in two and two scenarios are rendered simultaneously where we will move our character in synchronization in two different worlds (real and spiritual) and we will have to interact with each other to advance the story.

Such has been its reception, that the developer, Bloober Team, has recovered the development investment and costs related to marketing in just two days, and is that the game debuted last Thursday, thus surpassing the record of IO Interactive, which announced earlier this week it took him to recoup the Hitman 3 investment in less than a week.

“Sales of the game” The Medium “reached a level that covered the production and marketing costs of the game,” the company revealed.

“The Medium, the largest production in the history of Bloober Team, debuted on Thursday on PC and Xbox Series X | S consoles at a price of 49.99 euros / dollars. In addition, the game is available as part of the subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. “

via: PCG

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